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publication:Collection and identification of mooligai (medicinal plants) in Siddha system of medicine
Narayanappa, D. and G. Veluchamy
publication:Studies on the hepatoprotective activity of an ayurvedic formulation (Ayusliv) on ethanol and CCl$_4$ induced hepatic damage in albinorats
Narayanasamy, K. and V. Selvi
publication:Traditional knowledge of tribals in crop protection
Narayanasamy, P.
publication:Ancient Indian medicine
Narayanaswami Aiyar, C.S.
publication:Ancient Indian chemistry and alchemy of the chemico-philosophical Siddhanta system of Indian mystics
Narayanaswami Aiyar, C.S.
publication:A bibliography of Indology, vol. 2: Indian botany, part I -- A--J; part II -- K--Z
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Some studies of `imbural' (Oldenlandia umbellata Linn.) as a drug
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Development of systematic medicine in ancient India -- A short survey
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Introduction to the Siddha system of medicine
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Clinical research in Ayurveda -- limitations and guide lines
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Rheumatoid arthritis (\={a}mavata)
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Siddha system of medicine
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Development of systematic medicine in ancient India
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Social medicine: concept of Ayurveda
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Ayurveda and Siddha systems of medicine -- A comparative study
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Vaidya Ramnarayan Sharma -- A great benefactor to Ayurvedic development
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Ojas -- Ayurvedic concept of energy in human body
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Planning diet for health (Ayurvedic dietetics)
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Siddha system of medicine
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Ojas -- Ayurvedic concept of energy in human body
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:How to make ayurveda acceptable to the modern condition
Narayanaswami, V.
publication:Analytical study of \={a}savas and arishtas
Narayanaswami, V., V.N. Sundararajan and S. Saradambal
publication:Chemical investigation of calcium group of bhasmas
Narayanaswami, V., V.N. Sundararajan and S. Saradambal
publication:List of species and genera of Indian phanerogames not included in J.D. Hooker's Flora of British India
publication:Origin and development of Ayurveda (A brief history)
Narayanaswamy, V.
publication:Mechanism of metabolism (Process of digestion and assimilation in Ayurveda)
Narayanaswamy, V.
publication:Indigenous medical specialities
Narayanrao, U.B.
publication:Le commerce du tabac vers l'Inde portugaise du XVIIe au début du XIXe siècles
Nardi, Jean-Baptiste
publication:Study on swet parpati with special reference to diuretic potential
Narender, S.
publication:Formulatory process of sweta parapati -- a mineral diuretic
Narender, S., S.K. Dixit and B.L. Pandey
publication:Anti-inflammatory activity of Cleome gynandra L. on hematological and cellular constituents in adjuvant-induced arthritic rats
Narendhirakannan, R.T., M. Kandaswamy and S. Subramanian
publication:Preparation and evaluation of herbal hair oil
Narendra Kumar, B., Rama Krishna, K.N.V. Rao and R. Venkata Rao
publication:Nontimber forest product extraction, utilization and valuation: a case study from the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Southern India
Narendran, Kodandapani, Indu K. Murthy, H.S. Suresh, H.S. Dattaraja, N.H. Kavindranath and R. Sukumar
publication:Effect of herbal galactagogue (lactare): a pharmacological and clinical observation
Narendranath, K.A., V. Anuradha, S. Mahalingam and Sanjeeva Rao
publication:A trial of Phyllanthus amarus in acute viral hepatitis
Narendranathan, M., A. Remla, P.C. Mini and P. Sateesh
publication:Prognostic factors in Cerbera odollam poisoning
Narendranathan, M., K.V. Krishna Das and G. Vijayaraghavan
publication:Antidotes for snake and scorpion bites used by tribals of south-east Rajasthan
Nargas, J. and P.C. Trivedi
publication:Traditional plant-based medicinal system in health care during pregnancy and post pregnancy
Nargas, Jyoti and P.C. Trivedi
publication:Randomized trial of a fixed combination (Kan Jang) of herbal extracts containing Adhatoda vasica, Echinacea purpurea and Echnococcus senticosus in patients with upper respiratory tract infections
Narimanian, M., M. Badalyan, V. Panosyan, E. Gabrielyan, A. Panossian, G. Wikman and H. Wagner
publication:Ved. \={a}m\'{a}yati und \={a}may\={a}v\'{\i}n
Narten, Johanna
publication:Historical review of carcinoma of the gall bladder
Narula, I.M.S.
publication:A survey on infertility with applied clinical study on male infertility
Narvvani, Karishma, Nehal Upadhyay, S. Rajapala and Hitesh I. Jani
publication:Neem in sustainable agriculture
Narwal, S.S., P. Tauro and S.S. Bisla
publication:Experimental studies on Artemisia vulgaris L. -- A possible antifertility drug
Narwaria, A., R.L. Khosa and S.K. Dhar
publication:Antispermatogenic and androgenic activities of Momordica charantia (karela) in albino rats
Naseem, Mulla Zehera, Srinivas Reddy Patil, Somnath Reddy Patil, Ravindra and Saraswati B. Patil
publication:Notes on the Indian medicin
publication:Role of inflammatory mediators in anti-inflammatory activity of Withania somnifera
Nashine, K., D.N. Srivastava and Y.P. Sahni
publication:An annotated flora of West Pakistan
Nasir, E. and S.I. Ali
publication:Flora of Pakistan
Nasir, E. and S.I. Ali
publication:Aquatic and semi-aquatic plants of the lower Ganga delta: taxonomy, ecology and economic importance
Naskar, K.R.

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