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publication:Antifeedant active saponin from Balanites roxburghii stem bark
Jain, Dharam C.
publication:Economic life in ancient India as depicted in Jain canonical literature
Jain, Dinendra Chandra
publication:Tvac\={a} k\={\i} rak\d{s}\={a} karn\={a} -- \={a}pk\={a} k\={a}m
Jain, D\={\i}p\={a}\d{m}\'{s}u
publication:Ya\'{s}astilakacamp\={u} k\={a} s\={a}\d{m}sk\d{r}tik adhyayan. Jain
Jain, Gokulcandra
publication:Glossary of Indian herbs
Jain, Gyan C.
publication:G\={a}ndh\={\i} {J}\={\i} k\={a} \={a}h\={a}r ke sambandha me\d{m} d\d{r}\d{s}\d{t}iko\d{n}
Jain, H.C.
publication:Retrieval and dissemination of scientific information on medicinal plants in Asia and Pacific Region
Jain, H.C. and S. Nagarajan
publication:Evolution, adaptation, relationships and uses of the species of Vigna cultivated in India
Jain, H.K. and K.L. Mehra
publication:Vaidyake sa\d{m}sk\d{r}tasya yogad\={a}nam
Jain, Hari\'{s}candra
publication:Rasa\'{s}\={a}stra ke \={a}dh\={a}rbh\={u}t siddh\={a}nt
Jain, Hari\'{s}candra
publication:Gujar\={a}t k\d{s}etra ke jain \'{s}\={a}strabha\d{n}\d{d}\={a}ro\d{m} me\d{m} upalabdha vaidyak granth
Jain, Hari\'{s}candra
publication:Kaly\={a}\d{n}ak\={a}rak me\d{m} vi\d{s}atantra k\={a} var\d{n}an (ek \={a}locan\={a}tmak adhyayan)
Jain, Hari\'{s}candra
publication:\={A}yurved\={\i}ya Rogapar\={\i}k\d{s}\={a} Vidhi (Clinical method in Ayurved)
Jain, Hari\'{s}candra
publication:Rasa\'{s}\={a}stra k\={a} v\={a}\.{n}maya eva\d{m} itih\={a}s
Jain, Hari\'{s}candra
publication:A clinical trial of kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum) in cases of kasa
Jain, J.P.
publication:A clinical trial of kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum) in cases of tamak swasa (some respiratory diseases)
Jain, J.P.
publication:A clinical trial of palash (Butea monosperma (Lam.) Kuntze (syn. {B}. frondosa Koen. ex Roxb.) in worm infestations
Jain, J.P. and S.M.A. Naqvi
publication:Clinical trials of haridra (Curcuma longa) in cases of tamakswasa and kasa
Jain, J.P., L.C. Bhatnagar and M.R. Parsai
publication:A clinical trial of volatile oil of Curcuma longa Linn. (haridra) in cases of bronchial asthma (tamaka swasa)
Jain, J.P., S.M.A. Naqvi and K.D. Sharma
publication:Life in ancient India as depicted in the Jain canons (with commentaries) -- An administrative, economic, social and geographical survey of ancient India based on the Jain canons
Jain, Jagdish Chandra
publication:Medicinal flora of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh -- a review
Jain, Jitendra B., Sheetal C. Kumane and S. Bhattacharya
publication:Jaina gurus of the name of P\={u}jyap\={a}da
Jain, Jyoti Prasad
publication:Ugr\={a}ditya's Kaly\={a}\d{n}ak\={a}raka and {R}\={a}magiri
Jain, Jyoti Prasad
publication:P\={u}jyap\={a}da Devanandi
Jain, Jyoti Prasad
publication:The Jaina sources of the history of ancient India (100 B.C.--A.D. 900)
Jain, Jyoti Prasad
publication:Kyo\d{m} thakte hai\d{m} \={a}p ?
Jain, Kail\={a}\'{s}
publication:Lahsun ke gu\d{n}
Jain, Kail\={a}\'{s}
publication:N\={\i}nd kyo\d{m} r\={a}t-bhar nah\={\i}\d{m} \={a}t\={\i}?
Jain, Kail\={a}\'{s}
publication:Jaina castes and their gotras in Rajasthan
Jain, Kailash Chand
Jain, Kamta Prosad
publication:Ethnomedicinal description of some important medicinal plants of Hoshangabad district of M.P.
Jain, Kirti and Shashi Rai
publication:Studies on Balanites aegyptiaca seed oil
Jain, M. and A.K. Banerjee
publication:Therapeutic utility of Ocimum basilicum var. album
Jain, ML. and S.R. Jain
publication:Chemical examination of Randia uliginosa Dc.
Jain, Mahendra Kumar
publication:Plants for good health
Jain, Manisha
publication:Kharparik\={a} tuttha (zinc sulphate)
Jain, Mil\={a}pcandra
publication:Preliminary study of integrative approach of panchkarma, Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine in the management of muscular dystrophy
Jain, Mukesh D. et al.
publication:Determination of mineral elements present in medicinal plants used for development of health for treatment of cough, vomiting, pyorrhea, rheumatic and allied disorders
Jain, N., A. Magan and S.M. Sondhi
publication:Insecticidal, insect repellent and piscicidal plants of Dehra Dun
Jain, N. and R.K. Suri
publication:Rajpura Dariba lead-zinc mine
Jain, N.C. and K.C. Rakesh
publication:Role of Liv.52 and Geriforte as general metabolic tonics in drug addicts
Jain, N.C., R.P. Singal and S.R. Shahi
publication:Analysis of mineral elements of some medicinal plants
Jain, N. et al.
publication:Indian colour symbolism
Jain, N.K.
publication:Units of length in Jaina canons
Jain, N.L.
publication:Biology in Jaina treatise on reals (Biology in Tattv\={a}rtha-s\={u}tra)
Jain, N.L.
publication:Scientific contents in Pr\={a}k\d{r}ta Canons
Jain, Nand Lal
publication:Respiratory diseases and its treatment through Ayurvedic and herbal medicines
Jain, Narendra
publication:Skin diseases and its treatment through Ayurvedic and herbal medicines
Jain, Narendra
publication:Science and scientists in India (Vedic to modern)
Jain, Nem Kumar
publication:Ri\d{s}\d{t}a samuccaya
Jain, Nemicandra

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