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publication:Standardisation of khamira abresham arshadwala (an Unani preparation)
Jahan, M., S.J. Husain, M. Asif and M. Tariq
publication:Pluchea lanceolata attenuates cadmium chloride induced oxidative stress and genotoxicity in Swiss albino mice
Jahangir, Tamanna, Tajdar Husain Khan, Lakshmi Prasad and Sarwat Sultana
publication:Antihyperlipidemic effect of flavonoids from Pterocarpus marsupium
Jaharomi, M.A.F., A.B. Ray and J.P.N. Chansouria
publication:Tree that purifies water. Cultivating multipurpose Moringaceae in the Sudan
Jahn, S., A. Musnad and H. Burgstaller
publication:African plants used for the improvement of drinking water
Jahn, Samia Al Azharia
publication:Traditional water purification in tropical developing countries -- Existing methods and potential application
Jahn, Samia Al Azharia
publication:Using Moringa seeds as coagulants in developing countries
Jahn, Samia Al Azharia
publication:A `blessed tree': the multipurpose Moringa oleifera Lam. in different religious and superstitious practices in tropical developing countries
Jahn, Samia Al Azharia
publication:On the history of water coagulation -- Transfer of ancient Hindu practices to the valleys of the Yangtze river and the Nile
Jahn, Samia Al Azharia
publication:From clarifying pearls and gems to water coagulation with alum: history, surviving practices, and technical assessment
Jahn, Samia Al Azharia
publication:Ancient texts on "Malabar plants" compared to modern views and scientific knowledge
Jahn, Samia Al Azharia
publication:Ueber die Alkaloide der Arekanuss
Jahns, E.
publication:Anti-bacterial evaluation of some indigenous volatile oils
Jai, S.R., P.R. Jai and M.R. Jain
publication:Treatment of tropical pulmonary eosinophilia with Ocimum sanctum Linn. and Phyllanthus urinaria Linn.
Jai Singh, B.K.
publication:Inhibition of Propionibacterium acnes-induced mediators of inflammation by Indian herbs
Jain, A. and E. Basal
publication:Clinical study of diabetes mellitus and management with certain indigenous drug with special reference to prakriti
Jain, A.K.
publication:Forest economy of India (A case study of Balaghat District of Madhya Pradesh)
Jain, A.K.
publication:Ethnobotanical studies on Sahariya tribals of Madhya Pradesh with special reference to medicinal plants
Jain, A.K.
publication:Effect of herbal compound on maturity-onset diabetes
Jain, A.K. and B.P. Shaw
publication:Preliminary study on the desmutagenic and antimutagenic effect of some natural products
Jain, A.K. et al.
publication:Evaluation of genotoxic effects of turmeric in mice
Jain, A.K., H. Tezuka, T. Kada and I. Tomita
publication:Pharmaceutics and standardization of an active principle isolated from Parthenium hysterophorus (congress grass), II
Jain, A.P., J.D. Lopez and V.V. Joshi
publication:Acute reversible membrano-proliferative glomerulonephritis after cobra snake bite
Jain, A.P., K. Gupta, O.P. Gupta, U.N. Jajoo and N. Khan
publication:Tropical pulmonary eosinophilia -- a clinico-pathological study in rural central India
Jain, A.P., O.P. Gupta, U.N. Jajoo and H. Oam
publication:Effect of Picroliv, a hepatoprotective agent prepared from Picrorhiza kurroa, on mice chromosomes
Jain, Ajay K. and N. Sethi
publication:Ayurveda and liver care
Jain, Amit K., R. Sagar, Anurekha Jain, Avijeet Jain, R. Gupta and M. S. Sikarwar
publication:Svastha ke\'{s}o\d{m} ke lie
Jain, Anit\={a}
publication:H\={\i}\.{n}g me\d{m} gu\d{n} bahut hai\d{m}
Jain, Anit\={a}
publication:Gu\d{n}o\d{m} se bharp\={u}r meth\={\i}
Jain, Anit\={a}
publication:Sehat bhar\={\i} hai ajav\={a}in me\d{m}
Jain, Anit\={a}
publication:Some phytotherapeutic claims by tribals of southern Rajasthan
Jain, Anita, S.S. Katewa and P.K. Galav
publication:Folk herbal medicines used in birth control and sexual diseases by tribals of southern Rajasthan, India
Jain, Anita, S.S. Katewa, B.L. Chaudhary and Praveen Galav
publication:Medicinal plant diversity of Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India
Jain, Anita, S.S. Katewa, P.K. Galav and Pallavi Sharma
publication:Pavitra v\d{r}k\d{s}a: p\={\i}pal
Jain, A\.{n}ku\'{s}
publication:Jain \={a}c\={a}ryo\d{m} k\={a} \={a}yurved grantha racan\={a} me\d{m} yogd\={a}n
Jain, Arvind
publication:Rasa\'{s}\={a}stra me\d{m} bhai\d{s}ajya kalpan\={a} k\={\i} upayogit\={a}
Jain, \={A}\'{s}\={a}
publication:Bhai\d{s}ajya kalpan\={a} \'{s}\={a}stra k\={a} itih\={a}s aur vik\={a}s
Jain, \={A}\'{s}\={a}dev\={\i}
publication:Ethnobiological studies of Sahariya tribe of Central India
Jain, Ashok K. and H.O. Sharma
publication:In vitro evaluation of Tephrosia purpurea Pers. for antioxidant activity
Jain, Avijeet, A.K. Singhai and V.K. Dixit
publication:Sars rog -- \={a}yurved\={\i}ya vi\'{s}le\d{s}a\d{n}
Jain, Avin\={a}\'{s} Kum\={a}r and Ajay Kum\={a}r \'{S}arm\={a}
publication:Jansa\d{m}khy\={a} niyantra\d{n} me\d{m} \={a}yurved k\={a} yogd\={a}n
Jain, Avin\={a}\'{s} Kum\={a}r and Ajay Kum\={a}r \'{S}arm\={a}
publication:Development of life sciences in India in eighteenth-nineteenth century
Jain, B.L.
publication:Raktapitta: nid\={a}n\={a}tmak adhyayan
Jain, Candan Mal
publication:Rakta gulm nid\={a}n eva\d{m} cikits\={a}tmak adhyayan
Jain, Candan Mal
publication:Gudabhra\d{m}\'{s}a nid\={a}n eva\d{m} cikits\={a}
Jain, Candan Mal
publication:B\={a}l pak\d{s}\={a}gh\={a}t me\d{m} m\={a}tr\={a} basti -- ek pr\={a}yogik adhyayan
Jain, Candan Mal
publication:B\={a}lako\d{m} me\d{m} dantodbhava eva\d{m} ink\={\i} cikits\={a}
Jain, Candan Mal
Jain, Candan Mal and Madan Gop\={a}l \'{S}arm\={a}
publication:Apasm\={a}r -- nid\={a}n\={a}tmak vivecan
Jain, Candanmal
publication:Potential of natural products as insect antifeedants
Jain, D.C. and A.K. Tripathi

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