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publication:The genus Crateva (Capparaceae)
Jacobs, M.
publication:The genus Capparis (Capparaceae) from the Indus to the Pacific
Jacobs, M.
publication:The Buddha's art of healing -- Exhibition of Tibetan medical paintings from Buryatia
Jacobsen, Eric
publication:Time not ripe for training Westerners in Tibetan medicine?
Jacobsen, Eric
publication:Situated knowledge in classical Tibetan medicine: psychiatric aspects
Jacobson, E.
publication:Panick attack in a context of comorbid anxiety and depression
Jacobson, E.
publication:Traditional Asian medical cultures encounter biomedical research
Jacobson, Eric
publication:Traditional healing arts of the Himalayas -- in retrospect and prospect -- The Tamang healer at Mongpoo. Interview with Dinchen Rinpoche
Jacobson, Eric, Alex Gabbay and Barbara Gerke
publication:Studies in the archaeology of India and Pakistan
Jacobson, Jerome (Ed.)
publication:Pharmacological and toxicological effects of neem and chinaberry on warm-blooded animals
Jacobson, M.
publication:Various uses of neem products: antifertility effects and population control agents
Jacobson, M.
publication:Hookworm incidence and intensity in South India by Districts
Jacocks, W.P., Kendrick, J.F. and Sweet, W. C.
publication:Correspondance de Victor Jacquemont avec sa famille et plusieurs de ses amis pendant son voyage dans l'Inde (1828--1832)
Jacquemont, V.
publication:Letters from India; describing a journey in the British Dominions of India, Tibet, Lahore and Cashmere, during the years 1828--1829-1831, undertaken by order of the French Government by Victor Jacquemont, travelling naturalist to the Museum of Natural His
Jacquemont, V.
publication:Correspondance inédite avex sa famille et ses amis (1824--1832), précédée d'une notice biographique par Victor Jacquemont neveu et d'une introduction par Prosper Mérimée
Jacquemont, V.
publication:Letters from India 1829--1832, being a selection from the correspondence of Victor Jacquemont; translated with an introduction by C.A. Phillips
Jacquemont, V.
publication:Le monde du sorcier en Inde
Jacquemont, V. -- see: Pierre Maes
publication:Handbuch der Haut-und Geschlechtskrankheiten, Band 23
Jadassohn, J. (Ed.)
publication:Herbal remedies used for haemorrhoids by tribals of Saurashtra, Gujarat
Jadeja, B.A., N.K. Odedra and K.R. Odedra
publication:Indigenous animal healthcare practices in district Porbandar, Gujarat
Jadeja, B.A., N.K. Odedra, K.M. Solanki and N.M. Baraiya
J\={a}dhav, A\.{n}ku\'{s}
J\={a}dhav, A\.{n}ku\'{s}
J\={a}dhav, A\.{n}ku\'{s} J\~{n}\={a}.
publication:Ayurveda and gynecological disorders
Jadhav, Atul N. and K.K. Bhutani
publication:Ethnomedicinal plants used by Bhil tribe of Bibdod, Madhya Pradesh
Jadhav, Dinesh
publication:Antioxidant properties of Indian medicinal plants
Jadhav, Hemant R. and K.K. Bhutani
publication:Chemistry and pharmacology of Moringa oleifera and Moringa concanensis
Jadhav, S.L., S.R. Sharma, S.C. Pal, S.B. Kasture and V.S. Kasture
Jadhav, S.S. et al.
publication:Effect of Tentex forte and Speman individually and in combination on gonadal structure in rats
Jadhav, Shivraj S. and H.S. Bahga
publication:The incidence of malaria in a Deltaic area of Lower Bengal between the Damodar and the Hooghly rivers
Jafar, M. and M.O.T. Iyengar
publication:Metal technology in medieval India
Jafar Mahmud, Sayed
Jaffari, S.M.H. and Shyam Raj
publication:Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of Withania somnifera extracts
Jaffer, H.J., A.L.M. Jawad, H. S. Saber and A. Al-Naib
publication:Hints to the amateur gardeners of Southern India
Jaffrey, A.T.
publication:The invisibles: a tale of the eunuchs of India
Jaffrey, Z.
publication:Muharram ceremonies in India
Jaffri, Syed Husain Ali
publication:Evaluation of the gastric antiulcerogenic effect of large cardamoms (fruits of Amomum subulatum Roxb.)
Jafri, M.A., Farah, Kalim Javed and Surender Singh
publication:Effect of Punica granatum Linn. (flowers) on blood glucose level in normal and alloxan-induced diabetic rats
Jafri, M.A., M. Aslam, Kalim Javed and Surender Singh
publication:Hepatoprotective activity of leaves of Cassia occidentalis against paracetamol and ethyl alcohol intoxication in rats
Jafri, M.A., M. Jalis Subhani, Kalim Javed and Surender Singh
publication:South Indian festivities
Jagadisa Ayyar, P.V.
publication:Mango mian!
Jagan Nath
publication:Music charms plants and animals
Jagan Nath
publication:The crow-eaters of India
Jagan Nath
publication:Chemical examination of Cocculus hirsutus (L.) Diels
Jaganadha Rao, K.V. and R.L. Ramachandra
publication:Siddha treatment for poisons
Jaganathan, N.
publication:Anti-coagulant and anti-inflammatory and sunscreening effects of Hymenodictyon excelsum
Jagdishprasad, D. and N. Subba Rao
publication:Cystone: an Ayurvedic herbal drug imparts protection to the mice against the lethal effects of $\gamma$-radiation: a preliminary study
Jagetia, G.C. and M.S. Baliga
publication:Radioprotection by mangiferin in DBA-xC-57BL mice: a preliminary study
Jagetia, G.C. and M.S. Baliga
publication:Effect of sapthaparna (Alstonia scholaris Linn) in modulating the benzo(a)pyrene-induced forestomach carcinogenesis in mice
Jagetia, G. C., M. S. Baliga and P. Venkatesh
publication:The evaluation of the radioprotective effect of triphala (an Ayurvedic rejuvenating drug) in the mice exposed to $\gamma$-radiation
Jagetia, G.C., M.S. Baliga, K.J. Malagi and M. Sethukumar Kamath

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