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publication:Some important plants of Charaka Samhita
Dhiman, Anil Kumar
publication:Some adulterant and substitute raw plant drugs
Dhiman, Anil Kumar
publication:Ayurvedic drug plants
Dhiman, Anil Kumar
publication:Shad Giarbhakara Bhavas vis-a-vis congenital and genetic disorders
Dhiman, Kamini, Abhimanyu Kumar, K.S. Dhiman
publication:A clinical study to access (sic!) the efficacy of karaveer taila on kikkisa (striae gravidarum)
Dhiman, Kamini, Manjusri Sahoo, K.S. Dhiman
publication:Shushkakshipaka (dry eye syndrome): a case study
Dhiman, K.S.
publication:A clinical study to assess the efficacy of Triyushnadi Anjana in Kaphaja Abhishyanda with special reference to vernal keratoconjunctivitis
Dhiman, K.S., Gunjana Sharma, Shailender Singh
publication:A comprehensive review of cataract (Kaphaja linganasha) and its surgical treatment in Ayurvedic literature
Dhiman, K.S., Kamini Dhiman, Samita Puri, Deepak Ahuja
publication:A review on antidepressant plants
Dhingra, Dinesh and Amandeep Sharma
publication:Knowledge and practices related to menstruation among tribal (Gujjar) adolescent girls
Dhingra, Rajni, Anil Kumar and Anusha Bhaskar
publication:The Thar desert and its antiquity
Dhir, R.P. and A.K. Singhvi
publication:Study of dadimadi ghrat
Dholakia, M.V., Y.R. Vachharajani, D.C. Shah, M.V. Bahadur and Subrata De
publication:Effect of Gymnema sylvestre on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of gliclazide in diabetic rats
Dholi, Shrawan Kumar, Ramakrishna Raparia, Kannappan
publication:A review on plant-derived natural products and their analogs with anti-tumor activity
Dholwani, K.K., A.K. Saluja, A.R. Gupta and D.R. Shah
publication:Embryology in Tibetan medicine
Dhonden, Y.
publication:Childbirth in Tibetan medicine
Dhonden, Yeshi
publication:Tibetan medicine and regeneration
Dhondup, Lobsang and Cynthia Husted
publication:Pharmacognostical evaluation of Acacia catechu willd. heartwood with special refrence to tyloses
Dhruve, Kinnari, C.R. Harisha, P.K. Prajapati
publication:The role of sugar and jaggery in the preparation of khadirarista
Dhruve, Kinnari, P.K. Prajapati
publication:Antibacterial and wound healing activity of roots of Sesamum indicum
Dhumal, S.V. and S.R. Kulkarni
publication:Etiology based study of hypertension in an Ayurvedic approach
Dhundi, Shraddha N., Pramod R. Yadav, P.K. Prajapati
publication:Review on various experimental and clinical studies on Makaradhwaja
Dhundi, Shraddha Nanasaheb, Pradeep Kumar Prajapati
publication:Shirodhara: A psycho-physiological profile in healthy volunteers
Dhuri, Kalpana D., Prashant V. Bodhe, Ashok B. Vaidya
publication:Female oracles in modern Tibet
Diemberger, H.
publication:Tantric healing in the Kathmandu Valley
Dietrich, Angela
publication:'Abd al-Quddus Gangohi, 1456--1537 AD: the personality and attitudes of a medieval Sufi
Digby, S.
publication:Qalandars and related groups. Elements of social deviance in the religious life of the Delhi Sultanate of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
Digby, S.
publication:Maritime trade of India
Digby, S.
publication:Wonder-tales of South Asia: translated from Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, and Persian
Digby, Simon
publication:The Sufi shaikh as a source of authority in medieval India
Digby, Simon
publication:The supply of war-horses
Digby, Simon
publication:The famine campaign in southern India
Digby, William
publication:Ethno botanical polypharmacy of traditional healers in Wyanad (Kerala) to treat type 2 diabetes
Dilip Kumar, E.K. and G.R. Janardhana
publication:An inventory of the ethnoveterinary practices for reproductive disorders in cattle and buffaloes, Sargodha district of Pakistan
Dilshad, Syed Muhammad Rehan, Najeeb-ur-Rehman, Zafar Iqbal, Ghulam Muhammad, Arshad Iqbal and Nazir Ahmed
publication:Different anticonvulsive effects of hersperidin and its aglycone hesperetin on electrical activity in the rat hippocampus in-vitro
Dimpfel, Wilfried
publication:Chemoprevention of DMBA induced skin tumorigenesis in Swiss albino mice: a study with Nyctanthes arbortristis leaf extract
Dinamani, M., Shivabasavaiah and A.R. Rao
publication:Tigers as neighbours: efforts to promote local guardianship of endangered species in lowland Nepal
Dinerstein, Eric
publication:Antidiabetic and and hypolipidemic effects of mahanimbine (carbazole alkaloid) from Murraya koenigii (Rutaceae) leaves
Dineshkumar, B., Analava Mitra and Manjunatha Mahadevappa
publication:Expressed emotion and schizophrenia in North India -- An essay-review
Dinicola, Vincenzo F.
publication:Curing bodies to rescue souls
Dirar, U.C.
publication:Colonialism and culture
Dirks, Nicholas (Ed.)
publication:Castes of mind: colonialism and the making of modern India
Dirks, Nicholas B.
publication:Images et symboles des déesses de la haute vallée du Kulu
Diserens, H.
publication:Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-lipid peroxidative properties of Wattakaka volubilis (Linn.f.) Stapf.
Divya, T.S., P.G. Latha, K. Usha, G.I. Anuja, S.R. Suja, S. Shyamal, V.J. Shine, S. Sini, P. Shikha and S. Rajasekharan
publication:A princely bequest
publication:At the court of the great Mughals
publication:Record of two unique observations of the Indian cheetah in Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri
publication:The lions of India
Divyabhanusinh (Ed.)
publication:Junagadh State and its lions: conservation in princely India, 1879--1947
publication:Economic importance of plant resources of Buldhana district of Maharashtra
Diwakar, P.G. and A.A. Ansari

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