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publication:Hridaya (heart), -- II -- The seat of consciousness
Das, Upendra Nath and Rabindra Chandra Choudhury
publication:Effect of aqueous extract of leaf of Aegle marmelos on testicular activities in rats
Das, Uttam Kumar, Rajkumar Maiti, Debasis Jana and Debidas Ghosh
publication:Remaking a new world. Violence, social suffering, and recovery
Das, V. (Ed.)
publication:Disease control and immunisation. A sociological enquiry.
Das, V., R.K. Das and L. Coutinho
publication:Handbook of Indian sociology
Das, Veena
publication:The Oxford India Companion to Sociology and Social Anthropology
Das, Veena (Ed.)
publication:The uses of liminality: society and cosmos in Hinduism
Das, Veena
publication:Femininity and the orientation to the body
Das, Veena
publication:Critical events: An anthropological perspective on contemporary India
Das, Veena
publication:Sexual violence, discursive formations and the state
Das, Veena
publication:Violence and subjectivity
Das, Veena, Arthur Kleinman, Mamphela Ramphele and Pamela Reynolds (Eds.)
publication:Merchants of maritime India 1500--1800
Dasgupta, Ashin
publication:Antioxidant activity of Piper betle L. leaf extract in vitro
Dasgupta, N. and B. De
publication:History of a craft and its artisans: development of copper alloy works in pre-modern Bengal
Dasgupta, Nupur
publication:Reflection of ethno-science: study on the Abujh Maria
Dasgupta, Samira and Amitabha Sarkar
publication:Sacred immanence: reflections of ecofeminism in Hindu Tantra
DasGupta Sherma, Rita
publication:Adivasi politics in Midnapore, 1760--1924
Dasgupta, Swapan
publication:Kondhs -- An ethnobotanical study
Dash, Bijayalaxmi and Nirmal Chandra Dash
publication:Clinical review on infantile colic
Dash, Durgaprasad, C.M. Jain
publication:Studies on the hypoglycaemic activity of Hemidesmus indicus R.Br. roots
Dash, G.K., S.K. Bal, M.M. Annapurna and P. Suresh
publication:Ginger prawn fishery in Gulf of Kutch: a seasonal livelihood for the traditional fishermen
Dash, Gyanaranjan, Swatipiyanka Sen, M. Koya, K.R. Sreenath, Suresh Kumar Mojjada, and H.M. Bhint
publication:Arsenic disulphide (rasa manikya) in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (amavata)
Dash, N.C. and B.K. Das
publication:A study on medovriddhi (obesity) and its management with medohara arka
Dash, N.C., Nagendra Prasad and B.K. Das
publication:Role of medhya rasayana in school children
Dash, P.K., I.U. Mistry, A.R. Rao and K.S. Patel
publication:Phyto-therapeutic uses of mangroves for primary healthcare among the local inhabitants of Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, Orissa, India
Dash, P.K., N.K. Dhal and C. Rout
publication:Hepatoprotective activity of extracted anthocyanins fraction of red radish (Raphanus sativus L.) on albino rats
Dash, Rajendra N., Mohammed Habibuddin, Dev B. Baruah
publication:Review on ethnomedicines for ndiarrhoea diseases from Orissa: prevalence versus culture
Dash, Santosh Kumar and Sachidananda Padhy
publication:Ethno-therapeutic importance of the human body: 1. Medicaments of physical and physiological origin
Dash, Santosh Kumar and Sachidananda Padhy
publication:Common infant illnesses and Ayurvedic management
Dass, Preeti
publication:Get relief from the pain of sciatica
Dass, Preeti
publication:Efficacy of vamana karma (emesis therapy) in pre-diabetes and type-II diabetes mellitus: A pilot study
Dass, Ranjit Kumar
publication:Studies on the activity of Cyperus rotundus Linn. tubers against infectious diarrhea
Daswani, Poonam G., S. Brijesh, Pundarikakshudu Tetali, Tannaz J. Birdi
publication:Eco-traditions of people living around Bhagwan Mahavir National Park in Goa
Datar, Mandar N., Prakash D. Salelkar and P. Lakshminarasimhan
publication:Antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic activity of hydroalcoholic extract of Withania coagulans Dunal dried fruit in experimental rat models
Datta, Ankur, Chiranjib Bagchi, Saibal Das, Achintya Mitra, Anuradha De Pati, Santanu Kumar Tripathi
publication:Role of non governmental social service organisations in strengthening the geriatric health care services
Datta, Anupama
publication:History of animal collection and conservation in India to present day zoological gardens and parks
Datta, Baisali
publication:Pharmacognsotical and analytical study of tulsi-amla-yasti ghrita
Datta, Debdas, Harimohan Chandola, S.K. Agarwal, Vinay J. Shukla, Preeti N. Pandya
publication:History of zoology in India during 18th and 19th century -- a brief review
Datta, N.C.
publication:Ranald Martin's Medical topography (1837) -- The emergence of public health in Calcutta
Datta, Partho
Dattatri, Shekhar and Rom Whitaker
publication:From mental illness to disability: choices for women users/survivors of psychiatry in self and identity constructions
Davar, Bhargavi V.
publication:Recovering from psychosocial traumas: the place of Dargahs in Maharashtra
Davar, Bhargavi V. and Madhura Lohokare
publication:Role of amrutbhallatak avaleha and karanjadi lepa in the management of ekakushtha (psoriasis)
Dave, Alankruta R., V.D. Shukla
publication:A comparative study on the role of medhya rasayana yoga and dashamula kwathadhara in the management of vatika shirahshula (tension headache)
Dave, Hetal R., Ch. Sriksrishna, Sudhaben N. Vyas, Alankrutaben R. Dave
publication:Analytical study of talisadya churna
Dave, K.K. and Subrata De
publication:A pilot study on sports medicine in Ayurveda with special reference to sarira bala vriddhi
Dave, Pritesh, Hitesh Vyas, Mahesh Vyas
publication:A novel method of destroying man-eaters and cattle-lifters without firearms
Daver, S.R.
publication:The control of disease in the tropics
Davey, T.H. and W.P.H. Lightbody
publication:Wildlife conservation in Tamil Nadu
Davidar, E.R.C.
publication:Tree of Life: Buddhism and the protection of nature
Davies, Shann (Ed.)

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