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publication:Evaluation of anti-diarrhea activity of Rhizophora mucronata bark extracts
Das, A.K., R. Rohini and A. Hema
publication:Involvement of Panchayati Raj institutions on utilization of maternal health care services: beneficiaries' perspective
Das, Arindam and H.C. Srivastava
publication:Nature and function of the malevolent spirits: a case study of the Mundas of West Midnapur
Das, Ashis Kumar
publication:The making of a Munda shaman: traditional wisdom vis-a-vis continuity of knowledge
Das, Ashis Kumar
publication:Mughal painting during Jahangir's time
Das, Ashok Kumar
publication:The imperial cheetahs in Akbar's Shikarkhana
Das, Ashok Kumar
publication:The role of prasarani taila matra basti and vatari guggulu in the management of rheumatoid arthritis
Das, Asish Kumar, S.N. Vyas, H.M. Chandola
publication:Wonders of nature: Ustad Mansur at the Mughal court
Das, Asok Kumar
publication:Extension of shelf life of brown rice with some traditionally available materials
Das, Avijit, Sanjukta Das, Hatanath Subudhi, Purnanda Mishra and Srigopal Sharma
publication:Cultural contact and changing health practice among the Onge of Little Andaman Island
Das, B. and A.N. Sharma
publication:Effect of some Ayurvedic preparations in the management of urinary tract infection
Das, Banamali and M.S. Baghel
publication:Role of certain herbal preparations in the managemnt of urinary tract infections
Das, Banamali, M.S. Baghel
publication:A study on Apabahuka (frozen shoulder) and its management by Laghumasha taila nasya
Das, Banamali, Ravi M. Ganesh, P.K. Mishra, Gurucharan Bhuyan
publication:Concept of rasayana therapy with special reference to AIDS
Das, Banamali, V.K. Kori, M.S. Baghel
publication:Management of madhumeha (diabetes mellitus) with current evidence and intervention with Ayurvedic rasausdhies
Das, Banani, Achintya Mitra and Jayram Hazra
publication:Fermentation of traditional beverages prepared by Bhotiya community of Uttaranchal Himalaya
Das, Chandra Prakash and Anita Pandey
publication:Protective effect of Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) against side effects of radiation/chemotherapy in head and neck malignancies
Das, Debabrata, S.K. Agarwal, H.M. Chandola
publication:Functional foods of natural origin -- An overview
Das, Devlina, R. Vimala and Nilanjana Das
publication:Health studies in anthropology
Das, F. Ahmed and R.K. Kar
publication:Ethno-medicinal practices: a case study among the Sonowal Kacharis of Dibrugarh, Assam
Das, Farida Ahmed, Indira Barua and Deepanjana Dutta Das
publication:Rice as a medicinal plant in Chhattisgarh (India): a survey
Das, G.K. and P. Oudhia
publication:Indian merhants in the western Indian Ocean: the early seventeenth century
Das Gupta, Ashin
publication:Pernicious anaemia in Asiatic Indians
Das Gupta, C.R. et al.
publication:Selective discrimination against female children in rural Punjab, India
Das Gupta, Monica
publication:Accessing nature: agrarian change, forest laws and their impact on an adivasi community in colonial India
Das Gupta, Sanjukta
publication:Science and modern India: An institutional history, c.1784--1947
Das Gupta, Uma (Ed.)
publication:Ethnobotanical uses of some plants by Tripuri and Reang tribes of Tripura
Das, Himangshu Bikash, Koushik Majumdar, B.K. Dattaand Debasis Ray
publication:Folklore of Assam
Das, J.
publication:Effects of water extract of Urtica dioica leaves on glycemic, lipidemic and insulinemic status of type 1 diabetic induced rats
Das, M., B.P. Sharma, A. Bhowmik, R. Parial, B. Rokeya and L. Ali
publication:Study of nutritional status of Korku tribes in Betul District of Madhya Pradesh
Das, Megha
publication:A survey of the medicinal uses of local plants by the natives of Vaishali District, Bihar
Das, M.N. and P.K. Das
publication:Some edible fungal flora of tribal areas of Midnapore district, West Bengal
Das, N., S.C. Mahapatra and Chattopadhyay
publication:Use of natural products as biosorbent of heavy metals -- an overview
Das, Nilanjana, P. Karthika, R. Vimala and V. Vinodhini
publication:Medicinal plants of North-Kamrup dustrict of Assam used in primary healthcare system
Das, N.J., S.P. Saikia, S. Sarkar and K. Devi
publication:Kailadevi wildlife sanctuary, Rajasthan: prospects for joint management
Das, P.
publication:Nutrient composition of some regional recipes of Assam, India
Das, Pranita, Premila Devi and Moloya Gogoi
publication:Phytodiversity and religious practices associates with the sacred groves of Sambalpur -- Orissa
Das, Preeti, A.K. Mishra and Mihir K. Das
publication:The classical \=Ayurvedic representation of human anatomy
Das, Rahul Peter
publication:On "Hindu" bioethics
Das, Rahul Peter
publication:Susruta, the pioneer urologist of antiquity
Das, S.
publication:Journey to Lhasa and Central Tibet
Das, Sarat Chandra
publication:Protective role of Hemidesmus indicus R.Br. root extract against Salmonella typhimurium-induced cytotoxicity in Int 407 cell line
Das, Sarita and S. Niranjali Devaraj
publication:Debating scientific medicine: homeopathy and allopathy in late nineteenth-century medical print in Bengal
Das, Shinjini
publication:The protective role of Benincasa hispida on nimesulide-induced hepatotoxicity in albino rat model
Das, Shyamal K., Chandan Roy
publication:Traditional and modern uses of Pteridophytes in India
Das, Silpi
publication:Watershed dvelopment and livelihoods -- People's action in India
Das, S.K.
publication:Evaluation of clinical efficacy and safety of herbal liniment(Rumalaya liniment) in orthopaedic patients
Das, S.., P.S. Patki, S. Mitra and H. Vidya
publication:Determination of anthelmintic activity of the leaf and bark extract of Tamarindus Indica linn
Das, S.S., Monalisha Dey, A.K. Ghosh
publication:Tulsi: the Indian holy power plant
Das, Subir Kumar and D.M. Vasudevan
publication:Antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic effcts of ethanolicextract of leaves of Punica granatum in alloxan-induced non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus albino rats
Das, Swarnamoni, Sarajita Barman

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