ABIM - An Annotated Bibliography of Indian Medicine

The author

The author of this Annotated Bibliography of Indian Medicine (ABIM) is Jan Meulenbeld.


ABIM started as the bibliography of Jan Meulenbeld's A History of Indian Medical Literature, and was first published on the internet as a set of HTML files in 2002.

The textfiles of the bibliography were converted into a database by Richard Mahoney in 2006 / 2007, with financial support from Dominik Wujastyk. Thank you, gentlemen!

In the course of 2007 a new website for ABIM and EJIM, the Electronic Journal of Indian Medicine, was created by Roelf Barkhuis and the Digital Library team of the Groningen University Library.

At present the bibliography contains more than 50.000 items. A number of summaries of articles from various periodicals are included.

Help us

Jan Meulenbeld will continue  to add new items to ABIM and could use your help. Information about recent appearances, corrections, and additional data on unchecked entries will be appreciated.

The e-mail address of Jan Meulenbeld is meulnbld@xs4all.nl.